Why It Works?
This section covers why BirbicatorPRO can work for a trader and more information regarding why we designed the indicator in this way.

Perspective, let's talk about it...

There exist riddles within the marketplace that we call "Price Action", the basis of technical analysis and further an "indicator" designed to provide judgement on such price action must admit that perspective of the market is completely subjective depending on who (or what) is making the observation.
The importance of realizing that confluent or contrary perspectives of the market exist, and hence the existence of both the "Buy" (Bid) and "Sell" (Ask) sides of the order book, is a fundamental precursor for any trader willing to take the necessary steps to finding "edge" in the market.
In reality, there is no silver bullet to the marketplace, and there is no forecasting technique that can adequately modulate the price sensitivity of the marketplace given the range of inputs that impact how price can react. Understanding this fact of human behavior, which in turn culminates in market formations, is critical for a profitable trader to understand.

Why BirbicatorPRO Works?

The answer is not as simple as you may expect. There is reliance within the trading ecosystem which is based on knowledge of the marketplace, and inherently each user of the BirbicatorPRO will find different value within the information and analysis presented by the indicator.
One of the primary tenets of BirbicatorPRO's development goals was to provide a range of qualitative and quantitative information to each user such that multiple perspectives of the marketplace could be tuned within its capabilities. With the dynamic range of multiple perspectives applied throughout the development of BirbicatorPRO, the BirbNest has carefully crafted a tool which provides multiple visionary approaches to viewing the markets, as well as a framework for adopting custom strategies that can be used to plan and execute trades.
We would be dishonest to tell you the BirbicatorPRO will guarantee you healthy returns in a short amount of time. As traders grow, what is more important is that they develop inner understanding of the markets, and leverage any and all applicable tools to find confluence with their adopted beliefs that are continually reinforced through trial and error.
Our goal with BirbicatorPRO is to provide a customizable framework for all types of traders and investors to adopt, learn and grow so they can manage emotions, analyze trends, and inform profitable trading and investing decisions.
One of the most challenging experiences and realizations in trading is the admittance that [at the current time] there is no completely automated solution to "find" money out of thin air. While services and tools can help provide a path for traders to follow, ultimately becoming a successful trader is about finding your own path. @signalfi_
BirbicatorPRO seeks to provide multiple options depending on the style of trader and perception of the trader. Some may find more information useful, other's may find a more minimalistic approach rewarding. Ultimately, the system incorporates elements from existing tried and tested strategies as well as completely novel components that have been systematically integrated which in total we believe can support becoming a successful trader. While at it's core BirbicatorPRO is mean reversion/momentum in nature, BirbicatorPRO's options, flexibility, and range provide a unique framework for customization within a defined path that is based on sound market fundamentals, and has been historically tested to provide actionable insights to all forms of trading.
As with all indicators (and tools in life), there is no replacement for experience -- mastering the tool is a process that should be cultivated, back-tested, made personal to the traders unique vision of the market.
The maturation of a trader's mindset and confidence for planning and executing trades while using any tool, is a process that can take time. With BirbicatorPRO, we provide a customizable toolkit to grow alongside your journey to analyze market trends and find stability in the growth of your equity.
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