Trend Modes

Included within this section are descriptions of the BirbicatorPRO's Trend Modes and how they may be applied to varying types of traders.

BirbicatorPRO Trend Modes

BirbicatorPRO provides users with four (4) "Trend Modes" that change the core lookback length to either include more or less price action depending on the users trading style. By default, a "moderate" trend length has been selected that is applicable to most situations. In general, as traders select a higher time-frame to evaluate the trend, Birbicator can be set to “Medium” or “Near” on the ‘Trend Length Mode’ value within the menu options to adjust for nearer term analysis on Daily and Weekly charts.

The Trend Mode can be selected from the options menu of the BirbicatorPRO's "Trend Mode Length" drop-down selector:

Comparative Trend Mode Definitions

The following table provides a basis for understanding how to apply the Trend Length Mode setting to charts based on standard moving averages that users may be familiar with.

Trend Length Mode

Moving Average Comparative









Multi-Timeframe Analysis Considerations

Just as a 20 Moving Average can be used on a 1 minute chart as well as a Daily chart, the same consideration applies for the BirbicatorPRO. Lower (NEAR and MEDIUM) BirbicatorPRO Trend Modes will provide more "noise" to the price action of the asset as the system attempts to identify trend details over a shorter "lookback" length. Depending on the asset and trading style each mode should be considered when planning and executing trades or building personalized trading systems.


NEAR (4H Chart)

NEAR Trend Length Mode on 4 Hour Chart

MEDIUM (4H Chart)

MEDIUM Trend Length Mode on 4 Hour Chart

DEFAULT (4H Chart)

DEFAULT Trend Length Mode on 4 Hour Chart

LONG (4H Chart)

LONG Trend Length Mode on 4 Hour Chart

High Time-Frame Chart Consideration: While using LONG Trend Length Mode on high time-frame charts (> 1 Day) can be useful, users may find that higher time-frame charts more actionable by using NEAR or MEDIUM Trend Length Mode settings within BirbicatorPRO. This allows BirbicatorPRO to adjust to relevant price action for assets that are trending or have a lack of data on an exchange in order to provide more relevant analysis of the trend.

High Time-Frame Examples

LONG (Weekly Chart)

DEFAULT (Weekly Chart)

MEDIUM (Weekly Chart)

NEAR (Weekly Chart)