BirbicatorPRO may be automated in several ways, however we do not recommend this as BirbicatorPRO was engineered as a subjective trading indicator. The primary use case would be to automatically change positions with the BaseLine Trend Change Signal to "follow the trend". By default, users may enable this functionality through their own accord by activating TradingView based signals to their chosen signal processing provider (3Commas, Alertatron, etc.).

NOTE: Automation of trading strategies comes with significant risk and consideration that must be fully understood to analyze and forecast expected returns. BirbicatorPRO was engineered with the ability to provide actionable signals through built-in TradingView alerts, however this functionality is not recommended as part of simply acquiring the BirbicatorPRO indicator.


It goes without saying that auto-trading or "algo-trading" is more complex than it might initially seem. Depending on the asset, timeframe, and market traded, a large deviation exists for reliability in a given system. For that reason, by default, BirbicatorPRO was developed to be a "managed" system that compliments a user's perspective of the market. As a result, and while BirbicatorPRO BaseLine Trend Change signals are profitable on many assets and timeframes by default, we are developing and releasing separate tuned strategies that will be available on StackedInvest and similar platforms to accommodate users that seek to automate their trading completely.

Example TradingView Backtest

As a demonstration of blindly running BirbicatorPRO on the 2H timeframe, with BaseLine Trend Change Signals with TP#1 enabled, we observe a large positive variance against buy and hold from 2018 through January 2021. While we do not recommend running BirbicatorPRO without consideration for the asset, timeframe, trading environment, or several other environment concerns, this demonstrates the ability of the core of the system to determine valid directional changes in terms of trend of the market.

ETH (2H) - $1000 Initial Capital | Long/Short | 0.075 Fees | No Leverage | 2018 - Present

Past Performance does not guarantee future results.